How To Explode Your Email-List And Increase Your Online Profits Through Video Marketing

The use of video marketing by adding your videos to your sales letter and showing them through video sharing sites are a good way to not only increase your internet marketing sales, it will usually drive more traffic to your website as well. It also works well because it entices your web site visitors to sign up to your subscribers list to view your videos. That is every internet marketers or website owners goal. What the problem is with video is getting your visitors to take the time to view your them. If you would like to use video marketing in your online business promotions or are currently using videos for this purpose and want to increase the amount of views your videos will get by your visitors, then this article will deliver important information that will show you how to increase your video views, hence your email list and online profits.

Below are some of video marketing easiest strategies to implement to increase viewing of your videos by your online visitors.

Make sure that you tell your visitor that to view your video is completely free. No charge or need to sign up to anything. This is because many times your visitor will not like it if you don’t let them know up front that there is a catch to seeing your video. The trick to making this work out to your advantage in the end is to make sure that your first free video entices the viewer to want to sign up or opt-in to your email list before they can see the second video. To amplify the effectiveness of this method, ask your visitor to invite a friend to view your video. it is always a good idea to let your visitor know that their opt-in information is safe with you, that they are free to end their subscription any time.

People basically don’t like being left out on something good. Use this psychological angle to build a strong interest for your visitor to view your video. Tell them that your video has been viewed by a large number of individuals and that number continues to increase. This method works best if you use a specific number of views to your video. The idea is to give your visitor information confirming the popularity of your video and the high demand for the information it contains.

Another piece of information that will help your visitor to view your video is, if you tell them exactly how long your video is. By the visitor knowing the length of your video in hours, minutes or seconds they can decide whether or not they want to view your video now or possibly later. Some people don’t want to see a whole video, they may prefer to see a summary or overview of what the video is about. When possible you can set up two versions of the video, a short and long variation for your visitor to choose which one they prefer. This way you get your video seen regardless by both types of visitor.

Create a sense of urgency to your visitors to view your video. Tell them that you may have to remove the video at any time or once it has been viewed by a specific amount of people. Tell them that due to the limited quantity of the product or service that the video promotes, you will have to remove it once that quota is met and that it is moving fast. Wouldn’t you take the time to take advantage of a good thing now rather than miss out on a great opportunity because you put it off until later?

Tell your visitors that your videos only contain information relevant to the niche you are promoting. Make sure they understand that your video is not overloaded with sales promotions, has new and up to date information, will not contain any redirects to another website or order buttons or order links.

You can also get your visitor to look at your video eager to view it to the end by letting them know that there is something of value hidden some where within your video. For example you could put some where inside your video content: a link to another totally free video, a special bonus product, a free audio or written transcript edition of the video, master resell or private label rights to it This is a great way to increase the number of times your video will be seen all the way through.

I hope that the techniques mentioned in this article will help you to increase the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts. I know that if done correctly that not only will you increase the number of opt-ins to your subscribers list, but you will also increase your online business profits if this is your goal. The bottom line is that the use of videos in internet marketing is here to stay. We as internet marketers or website owners who use this method to promote our business or website should always keep our eyes open for new and better ways to entice our visitors to view our videos.

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